Today I am Bleeding Profusely

November 8, 2009

As I lifted myself up from the concrete floor,

on pale, trembling arms

I looked down and beheld

my face silhouetted in blood.


Unable to stand yet,

I sat on the floor

and touched my hand to my nose

the void where it used to be.


A new hole in my head

from which sprang warm air

and a warm liquid

that ran ceaselessly down my upper lip.


You let go of his face

and crept to my side

“Are you OK?”

in the voice of a shy child.


I paused.

I thought.

I stood up and watched my nice white shirt

quickly turn red.


“Yes. I’ll be fine.”

“Look at yourself, you’re bleeding all over the place”

My brain became very warm

I was breathing through the hole in my head


and slow, steady breath

bubbled up from the blood

where my nose used to be.

A bit of bone shifted beneath your foot.


“Oh god, please go to the hospital or something, please, oh god”

You held my face, but not to kiss it.

To watch my lips drip

and the color in my eyes fade.


I was bleeding all over your nice white dress.

“Please don’t worry. I hate it when you worry.”

All over your nice white dress.

“I’ll be fine, I swear.”


So I walked to seventh period

and collapsed by the door.

The bus had already taken you

so very far away from me.


There is a new crowd now

of masquerade faces

panting and yelling

rolling me away


Beneath a bright light,

They yell and they shout

and they sweat as they run

I can’t see what they’re so worried about


I’ll be fine, I swear.


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