Old Photos

August 16, 2009

thank you.

Old Photos

Old photos
of you and me
taken by someone else

and leaves
and perfect sine waves

a day to be kept secret
a day to keep secrets
our rendezvous


and yet
i know
it meant nothing
to you


3 Responses to “Old Photos”

  1. It is such a beautifull poem, and so sad!I feel like I could have written it, because of the content of course, not the style

  2. Uncle Tree said

    Mariana was here? Simply amazing.
    I know that nice lady. “Hello, sweet niece!”

    Hey Elliot!

    I like the colors in that leaf.
    It’s such a pretty time of year,
    in the Fall that is, and soon enough
    that season will return once again.

    I think an old, black-and-white photograph
    of yourselves would also have worked well here.

    About your poem…right off I think,
    “Some women can be so cold,
    and they don’t even know it.”
    And I’m not about to tell them.

    Your rendezvous(good choice) left a mark on you,
    so it seems. Even after all these years, you’ve
    never forgiven her for the way she felt that day.

    The visual of mushrooms and fallen leaves depicts
    the rot, and the rotten way you felt afterwords,
    no matter that perfection was within close reach.

    Overall, I’d say you did well to say so much
    in so few words, and that is commendable!

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